Tabloid Offers Green Eco-Ti*s

Yesterday most of the British newspapers were covering the reports on the economics of climate change. Much to our surprise, this included the Sun, the tabloid newspaper with the highest circulation of any english language paper in the world. Every day the paper features a topless "babe" who has been crowned their "green glamour queen". In keeping with the day's environmental theme, she is giving hot tips on how to make the temperature soar while keeping global warming down. For your edification--here we go: For a blinding bedroom performance: lighting can make a big impact on your electricity bill so swap harsh lightbulbs for romantic candles. Cycling instead of driving will tone you up, making you irresistible to the opposite sex. Cycling shorts optional. Leaving the car at home cuts carbon emissions. Boost your sex drive: halve the number of cars on the road by offering that special someone a lift to work. Share a steamy bath: a shared dip in the tub will cut a couple's water costs. Don't boil over by wasting energy by boiling too much water. Take sexy pics with a digital camera--film processing and developing uses toxic chemicals and paper. Show eco-undie-standing: hand-washing underwear with a gentle, eco-friendly detergent will make your clothes last longer and save on electricity. And opt for undies made of organic cotton. :: The Sun via :: eco.psfk