Table Of The Day: Top US States For Net Summer Renewable Energy Capacity

The US Energy Information Administration has a fascinating information repository online, from which we excerpted this table: State Renewable Electricity Profiles. Note that the ranking data are for reporting year 2006 and that hydroelectric power is the predominant renewable energy source among the listed states.

Due to the severe protracted drought of 2007 in the US Southeast, it is reasonable to assume that Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas were, in 2007, producing much less renewable electricity than would have been considered "normal" in 2006.

Texas and California are unique in their high wind power capacities.

New York is a standout hydro-power state. Regional precipitation changes that shape hydroelectric capacity in New York are geographically 'smoothed out,' as the watershed driving New York's hydroelectric turbines spans portions of 6 states and Canada.

States with low existing renewable energy capacities, respectively, with low potentials for adding more renewable energy capacity, and which have a high projected coal power dependency, are going to be in a world of economic hurt, come a carbon "Cap & Trade" law. If you thought the "Culture War" scenario of 2004 caused a political upheaval in the USA, hang on. For the future dimension, compare this table with which way the wind is blowing in Government Study Claims Twenty Percent Of US Power From Wind By 2030.

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