Taberu Me: Peanuts as Business Cards


I think this is TreeHugger material. After all, we often have to exchange business cards and usually they sit in a drawer forever, forgotten and out of date. And they are certainly biodegradable. In Japan there is quite a ritual about exchanging meishi or business cards, and one must always treat it with respect, never just tossing it into your pocket. One would certainly treat these well (at least until the giver was out of sight.) Taberu Me cards are created by laser engraving up to 700 characters per second onto hard organic materials like peanuts, beans, rice and pasta.

Pink Tentacle says "Taberu means "eat" and Me could either be an abbreviation of meishi ("business card") or "me" in English, in which case Taberu Me would be saying "Eat me" — a message you probably don't want to convey to your new business partner at the first meeting. Regardless, a set of 150 Taberu Me cards costs 5,800 yen (around $50), which is mere peanuts considering the lasting impression you will make on your new counterparts." ::Taberume via ::Pink Tentacle


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