T. Boone Pickens Planning a New Wind Farm (500 MW), But Not in Texas Panhandle


Photo: Flickr, CC
Official Announcement in 30 Days, Construction Begins this Year
After the unraveling of his plans for a huge wind farm in Texas, T. Boone Pickens could have just given up and decided to instead focus more of his energies in trying to convince the politicians in Washington that the U.S. should move to compressed natural gas (CNG) transportation. But instead, Mr. Pickens is back on the horse and planning a new wind farm.According to an item on the Dow Jones Wire service, "he is putting together deals to develop 500 megawatts of U.S. wind power with turbines made by General Electric Co. (GE), and will make a formal announcement in 30 days."

The only thing we know is that it won't be in the Texas Panhandle because there's not enough transmission capacity in the area (underestimating that problem is partly what derailed his previous plan), that construction will begin in 2010, and that 324 wind turbines will be used (simple math tells us that they'll have a peak production capacity of around 1.54-megawatt each).

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