Swine Flu Forces White House to Join Twitter

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Well, it's official: Twitter is everywhere. Yup, looks like the swine flu pandemic has forced yet another strange event to unfold: it's gotten the White House to officially join the Twitter frenzy. At time of writing, it's got only 900 or so followers. But what's truly interesting is who the White House is following: it's only 3 Twitter feeds, and they're all from the Center for Disease Control.May I say that it must be among the grimmest ways for our nation's leader to start Tweeting--following only the organization in charge of regulating and managing diseases. And it just goes to show the fear that the swine flu outbreak has engendered--it got the Obama Administration onto yet another social media platform. It's probably out of a desire to have an authoritative voice in the Twitter-sphere; there's been so much misinformation spreading about swine flu thanks to all the chaotic Tweets that hardly anyone's been able to keep their facts straight.

On a lighter note, the latest Twitter update from the White House? Entirely unrelated to diseases, fear or human health:

Shooting Around With the Huskies: The President shot a few hoops with the undefeated women's basketball national.. http://tinyurl.com/c2qo7x

Well, lets hope the White House branches out--the EPA, various Senators, and other important orgs have Twitter feeds too, you know.

Oh yeah, and follow me on Twitter too, at bcmerchant. I'm almost as interesting as the White House--I just don't play basketball with undefeated pro teams or solve the nations problems.
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