Swedish Garbage Bags Grow Instant Vertical Gardens

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The most ingenious idea at an organic market over the weekend at Gothenburg's Gunnebo "castle" was in the Future Gardens exhibit - designer Topher Delaney used construction debris bags with poked holes for lettuce and other garden veggies to peek out of - a great way to build a garden up instead of out - and a lot less weeding! A low-tech version of vertical farming.

Big Bags a recycling standard
The orange and yellow Big Bags used in Gunnebo's gardens are familiar to any large town or city dweller in Sweden - these polypropelene bags (which are recyclable) fill the streets near construction sites yet are less intrusive and more easily picked up for transport of construction debris to recycling facilities than the trash containers used in other countries.

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They also seem to make fabulous planter bags - and lots of curious attendees (including this TreeHugger) at the weekend farmers' market and exhibit at Gunnebo stood snapping pictures of the bags, eager to try this at home - the bags and organic compost were sold on site. Unlike some higher-tech vertical alternatives, this one was just $15 for the bag! But BYOD...

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Some at the market were a bit disappointed that a "redesign" of the Orangeriet, which was more recently a greenhouse hothouse at the castle, was actually repurposed to be a café (which the castle already has in the main building). Tendrils of tomato plants in big buckets still groped upward toward the sun and the warmth of the small glass-fronted greenhouse was great when rain showers threatened.

But in spite of the extensive grounds at Gunnebo platted for kitchen gardens (96 square meters) the on-site restaurant still must import extra veggies to serve all its patrons, which makes the vertical garbage bag gardens a great idea, and the idea of the organgerie as a café that much more egregious.

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At least the Orangeriet was serving organic and FairTrade coffee, which nonetheless traveled quite a ways to make it to this old castle grounds on the outskirts of the city. Via ::JordensMat
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