SustainLane Take Two: "This Time with More Feeling"


If Hugg is the definitive user generated green news site, then the newly reworked SustainLane looks as if it wants to become the user generated green products location. You may recall that we took an earlier peek at SustainLane when it was clearinghouse for US local and state government sustainable initiatives and policies. That’s all still there, linked to this new Web 2.0 interactive user experience. According to an interview they had with Green Wombat (I unfortunately saw two dead real wombats the other day), the revised site kicked off with 3,000 reviews and 10,000 green business listings. We dug around the reviews semi-randomly to get a feel for the site. We noted that most of the reviews were generally pretty positive, which is a great thing for the credibility of green products. But also observed the usual issues with user generated sites, such a duplication. One brand of clothing had three individual reviews for basically the same product, when it would’ve been more useful for them to all be under the one title. But this does happen too. Take for example ...... the 87 comments on the Toyota Prius, which impressively scored 4.5 out of 5 stars. Or the 17 gushing reviews of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, (seen above) which managed a full 5 star rating. But it doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart. We spied a footwear review that made only complimentary remarks about a line of footwear, yet oddly had only awarded the product 1 star, significantly reducing its potential to gain a good ranking. But its early days yet and we trust such gremlins will be exorcised as best they can, given the breath of user interaction possible on such sites. Got an eco product or service you want to praise, or raise the alarm on? Go tell it to the world. The more the merrier. And one would hope the more accurate too. Drop by the The Unsustainables cartoon while you are there. ::SustainLane 2.