Sustainable Clothing Urged at U.N. Conference


Hemptown Clothing is asking delegates of the United Nations conference on climate change to consider Sustainable Textiles as a positive move toward meeting and exceeding their own goals. The conference is attracting unprecedented business interest now that pan-European emissions trading has begun and the Clean Development Mechanism is working to promote sustainable development and combat climate change.

"With textile crops like Bamboo, Soy and Hemp, we have the ability to grow, harvest and produce textiles at a fraction of the environmental impact of traditional crops like cotton," said Hemptown CEO Jerry Kroll. "Pound for pound a crop like Hemp requires no pesticides, toxic fertilizers or fresh water irrigation and far less land and energy."
If hemp replaced cotton globally, the increased fiber yield would free up an area of farmland about the size of the State of Florida. The reduction in highly toxic pesticides would match the weight of a fully loaded aircraft carrier, or 94,080 tonnes.

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:: Yahoo Finance

Image via HempWeave. Thanks.