Survey Says: Men's Bad Bathroom Habits are Good for the Environment

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We know that some men have bad bathroom habits (women too). But it has come to our attention that a few of these social no-no's, might actually be good for the environment, at least to some degree. Our question is, at what point is this lack of etiquette going too far? Let's look at a few survey results to see if we can find out...Toilet talk is a hush subject most of the time, but none-the-less a rather important one. While both men and women have their strengths and faults when it comes to bathroom etiquette, every few years a new batch of research comes up reminding men of how bad their bathroom habits really are. We are not necessarily talking about taking overly long showers, or brushing their teeth with the water faucet turned on, but rather forgoing the shower and teeth brushing all-together.

Today, we are going to look at a few of the research findings that have been put together over the years pertaining to men's hygiene. While some of their findings may not have been the most socially acceptable, we thought it was interesting to consider the idea of where such a line should be drawn between social acceptability and environmental conservation. Which of these habits could be construed as being environmentally responsible, and which ones are just plain gross?

1. Morning Shower

14% of British men leave their home for work every morning without showering. Thankfully only 5% left without cleaning their teeth.

2. Toothbrush in the Toilet

Yes, a staggering number of British men (5%, while some claim the number is as high as 14%) will re-use their toothbrush after it has taken an involuntary plunge into the toilet. Perhaps they realize that some of their disgruntled wives may have borrowed it for a toilet seat cleaning a time or two, so they figure what the heck, one more dip into the porcelain thrown can't hurt. But we'd consider this the ultimate in re-use.

3. Washing Hands

This is a big pet peeve for the Department of health, but up to 66% of men do not wash their hands after visiting the restroom.

4. Toilet Flush

It has been found that somewhere around 40% of men do not flush the toilet after visiting the restroom either. Even when it is "required", as researchers so eloquently put it. This is of course a big debate. Should we let the yellow mellow in between visits (perhaps only in our own personal household), or should everything get flushed down all the time for sanitation sake?

Are men gross, or are they ecological geniuses? You make the call...

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