Surprising Number of UK Teens Support Total Ban on Air/Car Leisure Travel to Stop Global Warming


In a survey of 16 to 19 yr.-olds done recently by the Future Foundation in the UK, a surprising number of green teens declare they want support some really radical steps to protect the environment. With one in eight going so far as to declare that they support a total ban on traveling by air for leisure purposes and one in ten vowing to support a ban on car travel for leisure purposes as well if global warming continues to worsen. And all of that’s not even what’s most surprising…Frighteningly, almost 10% say they would be prepared to take part in guerrilla activities carried out by environmental groups that subscribe to the mantra of using such activities to press for change.

If truth be told, those groups have a whole lot to learn about human nature if they think they’re going to change hearts and minds using militant tactics. And I wonder if these kids realize it. I mean really, name the last person you know who decided to become a Muslim extremist after watching the media coverage of a terrorist attack?

We need people who conscientiously move the process forward on a daily basis at all levels. Not a bunch of hotheads who can't keep it together.

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via:: The Guardian