Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan Gets Green Thumbs Up

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While characterizing Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as a "nominee for the global warming century" as Climate Progress does might be placing a bit too much flourish on the situation, should Kagan be confirmed all signs do point to the environment having a new ally in high places. Here's what we know so far:Back before she was Solicitor General, the New York Times highlighted Kagan's uplifting Harvard Law School's environmental law program to a position of prominence. Overall she has been seen there as being "a big believer in the importance of looking at issues like climate change." At the same time, as Solicitor General she was touted as helping create a "less hostile approach to environmental enforcement" in government.

Interestingly, Green Energy Reporter writes about how Kagan supported "innovative approaches to environmental legal practice" employed by Harvard law students, mentioning the application international law and employing "interdisciplinary approaches that bring science, economics and other academic perspectives to bear."

It's probably a bit of reading tea leaves when it comes to how that actually plays out, but considering the nature of the environmental problems we're facing, it sounds pretty good.

While her utter lack of judicial experience is bound to be a hurdle, as it was before she was Solicitor General, at least she's got some green cred.

Here's some more detail: Havard Law Bulletin: The Changing Climate of Environmental Law
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