Support the Climate Bill: Join Senate Call-In Day and Call Your Senator Now

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Seriously, call!
We have the power to do more than pick apart the latest climate legislation, cover global climate summits and make fun of Glenn Beck in the world of green politics. I promise. The Senate is set to debate its clean energy reform legislation in just a couple months. And the forward-thinking group 1Sky is in the middle of a Senate Call-In Day that allows you to contact your Senator's office to tell him or her that you support strong climate legislation, free of charge. It just takes a couple clicks. Seriously--I just got off the phone from calling Sen. Kate Gillibrand (D-NY). Help steer our nation to a cleaner, safer, more prosperous future--here's what you can do.All you have to do is head over to Sky1's Senate Call-In Day page, fill out three or four text bubbles, and Sky1's system will place the call to your Senator for you, free of charge. They'll provide a brief script for you, if you want to keep it short and sweet. Or just feel free to let them know why you feel it's important that Congress help lead the American people in tackling climate change, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and spurring innovation in our sciences.

It's quick and painless, I promise--and every call counts even more than every letter or email. Every call is someone that the office has to consider, deal with, and talk to--some staffer can't just move an email to the spam folder or toss the letter in the trash bin. They have to hear your voice.

So especially if you live in a state where your senator is on the fence about clean energy reform, please take thirty-five seconds and place a call. I don't ask much as your friendly neighbor green political blogger--but go ahead and put our democracy to work. Tell your Senate representative how you feel.

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