Super Bowl XLI to Go Carbon Neutral

Few things represent the American experience more than the Super Bowl. The annual event marks the end of a six-month period in which football dominates much of the nation’s collective attention. However, the big game has transcended the world of football and has in many ways become a symbol of excess and over consumption. Corporate heavyweights willingly pay upwards of $2.5 million for a 30-second commercial during the game that provides one of the year’s best advertising opportunities. As we reported previously, Honda will follow in Ford and Toyota’s footsteps and use the Super Bowl as a platform for advertising its greener side. However, this year concern over climate change will extend beyond the advertisements. The NFL announced that it would offset the greenhouse gas emissions created by the game through the planting of hundreds of native tree seedlings and the purchasing of renewable energy certificates. In fact, the league reports that these initiatives will allow the Super Bowl to be carbon negative. These efforts in conjunction with souvenir recycling and the donating of uneaten food make the Super Bowl a welcome addition to the list of major sporting events that are working to minimize their environmental impacts. See also ::New York Jets to Build ‘Green’ Facility,::FIFA World Cup to go Carbon Neutral, and::Turin Winter Olympics to go Carbon Neutral

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