Sunpark: Moving Forward on Canada's First Solar Park


Last year we covered the launch of Sunpark Corporation, an organization looking to build Canada’s first solar park, and offering members of the public the opportunity to sponsor individual cells at CAN$25.00 per unit. Since our first post, it seems that the organization has been going from strength-to-strength, attracting an impressive list of major corporate sponsors. Most recently they have seen Climate Care (the Canadian AC supplier, not the UK-based offset company) making a donation for each air conditioning unit that they install. Now it looks like Sunpark are getting ready for the next stages of the project.The corporation has just released a request for proposals from suppliers to help build a 120kw solar park in Ontario. The request covers everything from the supply of solar panels, grid-tie inverters and balance of system components, as well as design, installation and commissioning. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of October. It looks like this is intended as just the first in a series of low-impact solar parks that the organization intends to fit in with existing agricultural land use. Anyone wishing to donate to the program can do so via this link. For more ideas on greener power, head over to our guide on How to Green Your Electricity. ::Sunpark::via site visit::

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