Sunday Mirror: Don't Be Fuelled


The UK-based Sunday Mirror newspaper is not perhaps as well known for its environmental coverage as The Guardian, which so often graces our pages. However, last Sunday the Mirror featured an excellent article, courtesy of BBC presenter John Humphries, on rising oil prices, dwindling reserves, and the implications for our modern consumer society. Fortunately this was no doom and gloom rant. While establishing the gravity of the situation in no uncertain terms, Humphries was also at pains to stress potential solutions too. Treehugger favorites, the Transition Towns Movement, got an important shout out, as did Woking Borough Council for their work to develop localized renewable energy sources. Here’s a little taster of what Humphries had to say:
Maybe all this sounds a bit goody-two-shoes to you - a bit ecofreaky - but what's wrong with that? We've been here before. When our food supplies were threatened in the last war the Government urged us to dig for victory... and we did. Never in our history have we had a more healthy diet. And the fact is people are responding to transition schemes. They're packing town and village halls around the country to support them.

You don't believe there's any need even to think about this sort of thing? You reckon this latest oil crisis is just another scare and the danger of global warming is being exaggerated? Well maybe you're right. I hope you are. But if you're wrong, doesn't it make sense to think local rather than rely on politicians at national and world level to get us out of the mess they've helped create? Even if it doesn't save the planet, the carrots will taste better.

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