Sun Rises Across Half-Green Media Empire


We were not surprised this week to see "The Economist" put out a proper green edition of their magazine. With a market grounded in the the world's business and research elites, and with a green technology boom on the horizon, it only made sense. However, this full-sweep guide to green from the tabloid-style "Sun", on the otherhand, caused a double-take. Talk about a continental divide. On the one hand, we see Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation offering constructive solutions for the average person. On the otherhand, we still see US print editors only beginning to feature the green stuff, or, worse, featuring climate "skeptics." The contrast seems to hint at an answer as to 'what came first, green chickens or green eggs' : Euro-"Sam" already likes green eggs and ham, no pestering needed to take his serving; while US-"Sam" frowns and shakes his head at that menu. Consistent with this, US politicians characterize the energy crunch as 'gas too high' instead of as 'transportation too inefficient'. Reminds us of the fellow who, in a public hearing, testified that a flood was 'water where it shouldn't be,' not thinking that his building in the floodway was a 'building where it should not be,' At any rate, we'll be having a 'look to the Sun' day to see what TreeHugger can learn about crossing the divide. Thanks Rupert. Via: desmogblog.