Sun Microsystems Launches Open Business Community for Carbon Savings


Sun Microsystems have long been at the forefront of green computing, and as a result they've never been far from the front page on TreeHugger. We've interviewed Dave Douglas, the company's vice-president of eco-responsibilities, we've covered their top ten tips for cooling your company, and we've written about their new desktop that reportedly uses less energy than a nightlight. Now we hear via Kurtz over at Hugg that Sun have launched a new site
called, aimed at helping every company move towards a greener future. This from the original article over at Computer World UK:

" is free and open to all organisations, with the only requirement being that participants share their data, transparently or anonymously, with other community participants. In the age of social networks such as Facebook, Sun said that provided another kind of community for organisations to address climate change together.

It said would fulfill an important need as companies, government institutions and non-governmental organisations were facing increasing pressure to set improvement goals and invest in projects to meet them. It said greenhouse gas analysis was too often being conducted with home-grown or proprietary tools that often required significant internal resources or expensive consulting services.

With, the idea is that carbon accounting data that might ordinarily remain in a company's spreadsheet could instead be easily shared using the site's greenhouse emissions tool. The tool should enable organisations of all kinds to benchmark against one another, set realistic reduction goals and share best practices to meet them, said Sun."

A quick visit to the site reveals that the site's buildings emissions calculator is up-and-running already, with calculators for vehicle fleets and renewable energy purchases promised soon. The site will also feature forums for discussion, and a regular green-business focused news feed. Computer World UK::via Hugg::