Suburban Atlanta Man Dissolves Into Press Release


This updates Lloyd's "Wretched Excess" post: A Georgian Consumes A Niagara.

With enough dough, you can do anything to excess. Waste water. Hire a PR firm to defend your position. Or, become a community role model by completely changing your landscape design and lifestyle to create a resource efficient and attractive dwelling. Holding. Breath. Endlessly......... Uhhhhhh.

The Cobb County homeowner who guzzled his way to the top of the county residential water users list has enlisted a public relations company that made a statement Wednesday on his behalf.

Chris G. Carlos, through the Ledlie Group of Atlanta, issued a statement Wednesday in which he says in the future he will consume less than the 440,000 gallons his October bill says he used.

"I honestly didn't realize the extent of my water use and regret I didn't act sooner. I want to be a part of the solution to the water crisis," Carlos said in the statement. "I am going to take whatever steps are necessary to substantially reduce my water consumption. This includes seeking the advice and guidance of conservation professionals in exploring all possible water saving measures," the statement said.

Carlos' 14,000-square-foot home is on 3.8 lush acres in Atlanta Country Club and includes a pool. The 440,000 gallons he used in a month would fill the average backyard pool 58 times.

Via:Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Cobb top water guzzler says he'll try to cut back, Single-family home used 440,000 gallons in one month." Image, "Atlanta Country Club home of Chris Carlos, Cobb County's largest residential water user."

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