Students Vote to Increase Fees, Offset 100% of Energy Use On Campus


Well, here's a twist you might not expect College students with an eye for the political landscape on campus at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon actually were able to pass a proposal adding a $15 fee to every college bill to ensure clean energy on campus by a clear majority of 85% of the student body. And I'm thinking that maybe the members of the House and the Senate can take a hint from these brave college students, because they'll now have the distinction of becoming the first campus in their state to offset 100% of its electricity and natural gas usage with renewable energy. How'd they do it? Well, the old fashioned way Led by Students for a Sustainable Future they first did their research on what it would take and how much it would cost, and then they looked for models of how other schools like Western Washington University and Evergreen State College pulled it of. They soon realized that a democratic approach was the best one because the students themselves would get to decide whether their campus was a green one. Then they had to debate whether to "go small" and offset 25% or %50 of energy use, or "go big" and push for what no other school in Oregon and possibly the US is doing; a 100% offset of both electricity and natural gas. Ultimately they decided to "go big", and the results prove the voters were willing to back them up. So here's to a brighter tomorrow, thanks to the actions of the many and the few at SOU. Let's hope other schools take their lead as well

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