Students Occupy Monster Homes In Merced, California

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Real estate is cheap in Merced, California; it has the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation. I was amazed to find that this Tudor pile complete with pool and spa is $ 194,000; that is crazy. No wonder that all these monster houses are filling up with students; there is a new University with expensive dorms in short supply, and an endless supply of McMansions available. Patricia Leigh Brown describes it in the New York Times:

Forget the off-to-college checklist of yesteryear (bedside lamp, laundry bag, under-the-bed storage trays). This is “Animal House” 2011.
Double-height Great Room? Check.
Five bedrooms? Check.
Chandeliers? Check.

One can imagine what is like on a cul de sac full of these garages with attached houses.

Sitting in her kitchen, a planet of granite, Katilyn McIntire, a human biology major, explained how she and her four roommates rotated cars — one parks on the street, two park in the garage and two in the driveway. Whoever is getting up for an 8 a.m. class parks last.

I loved the term for living like this: "Sprawl rats." More at the New York Times: Animal McMansion: Students Trade Dorm for Suburban Luxury

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