Striking Rich on Wind: How Dale Vince Built Ecotricity (Video)

Dale Vince Carpool photo

Image credit: Llewtube

From his wind powered electric super car to his intellectual property battles with a French nuclear giant over a green British flag, Dale Vince is always good for stirring up grand green visions, and a little controversy along the way. As a man who struck it rich developing wind energy, who went from living in a truck to building some beautiful urban wind turbines, he's usually worth listening to. Which is why it's worth checking out this interview with Robert Llewellyn (of cult BBC sitcom Red Dwarf fame), in which Dale busts some myths about wind turbine load factor, the UK's wind generating capacity, and explains how Ecotricity got started. Only one question. Isn't it more than a little ironic to do the interview in a car? It turns out that the interview is part of an internet TV series called Carpool in which Llewellyn interviews notable business people, celebrities and other interesting characters. Of course the driving around isn't exactly green—although it is always in either a hybrid or an electric car—but the show isn't always about green anyway. Other notable interviews on the green side include Chelsea Sexton, proponent of electric vehicles; and Diarmuid O'Connell, Vice President of Business Development for Tesla Motors. On the not so green side, check out Rich Tuckwell of Top Gayer (the gay version of Top Gear), and Paul Jackson (creator of the Young Ones).

Whether or not the promotion of hybrids and electric vehicles outweighs the idea of driving around just to have a conversation is a tough call, but there's no doubt that the format makes for some relaxed, informal and insightful conversations.

Anyhow - enough about Carpool - check out Dale Vince and Robert's chat below.

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