Stop Whining: $4 Gas is Really Cheap

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I've written before about how we really should be paying much more at the pump, for a number of reasons. But that certainly doesn't seem to be the conventional wisdom these days -- Sarah Palin is outraged that gas prices are pushing $4 a gallon, and she's blaming Obama. Others are calling for the president to tap into our emergency oil reserves, because hitting $4 a gallon would surely derail our economy. But everyone really needs to chill the $#@% out -- $4 a gallon is really, really cheap. Like, the cheapest in the world, among industrialized nations. Germany, for instance, pays $8.52 a gallon, Australia's $7.02, Canada's over $5.50 and the Netherlands is $8.83. GOOD has a fun chart of what other countries pay -- and yes, it's because of higher petrol taxes in those nations. Taxes that fund things like more sustainable infrastructure and road repair. Things that we could use in this nation, too ...

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