Stop The Environmaniacs!

enviromaniac green lantern action figure photo
A WSJ op ed piece by Daniel Henniger has nailed us. We are messianic environmaniacs bent on seducing daughters and sons into bicycle worship. Beware oncoming legions of organic salad eaters, intent on decarbonizing the US economy to the level of Ye Olde Europe.

Two choice excerpts:

Republicans shouldn't settle for making the world safe for SUVs. What's going on here is about more than $4 gasoline.
Instead of enviro-messianism, they should propose a drill-to-transition for whatever energy source can prove it works at a nonsacrificial price -- shale, coal gasification, nuclear, solar or some combination. (Windmill farms are a pox on the land.)
Via::WSJ, Enviromania

Notice how solar somehow crept into that mix?Laid off autoworkers would probably love one of those 'pox-on-the-land' wind turbine jobs. Assembling Volts might be fine, too. I bet they don't worry too much about messianic enviromaniacs.

On final cite if I may:

Democrats this week chose the prayer of alternative energy over proven prosperity. They've handed prosperity in the here-and-now to the Republicans. Run with it.
Wondering how, or what, the next generation will feel about this moment, which was different than any before it.

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