Stimulus in Action: Wind Farm in Illinois to Power 30,000 Homes


Photo via Northwestern

Ah, it's good to see those stimulus dollars at work in such a productive, renewable energy generatin' way. Using those fresh funds for exactly the kind of green project Obama had in mind, Invenergy Wind LLC and GE have teamed up to expand the Grand Ridge Energy Center in Illinois with 74 wind turbines—increasing the total generation capacity by more than 110 megawatts.That's enough to power 30,000 homes on purely renewable energy. And that's good news.
According to Bloomberg, the project was probably made possible due to a provision in the stimulus that encourages renewable energy projects by awarding grants and tax credits:

"Within that funding is a program that allows developers to get 30 percent of a project’s cost as a grant in lieu of a tax credit. GE is the largest U.S. wind turbine supplier."

No word on exactly how many jobs the project will create, but labor will be needed to build and install the turbines. And that's the stimulus at its best: renewable energy project + new green jobs = permanent sustainable energy generation. Illinois's wind farm is just the latest example: in Wisconsin Rapids, a wind turbine blade factory just opened up, and will provide 400 jobs to the city.

If this pace is sustained, on this scale, Obama might very well see his goal of renewable energy doubled in the US, and US utilities could easily meet the renewable energy standard of getting 25% electricity from clean sources by 2025 as outlined in the Democrats' new ambitious climate bill.

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