Steve Howard on why businesses need to "go all in" for the environment (video)

Steve Howard TED talk
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Too often, people talk about "corporations" and their impact on the world as if they were somewhere separate from the rest of us, existing in a vacuum. But corporations are composed of people, and they don't do things just for themselves, they do them for their customers... the rest of us. So while it's great to use less stuff, any comprehensive solution has to include businesses because we - their customers - will always need places to live, furniture, some electronics, food, clothes, ways to get around, etc. So we need to figure out how to make all these useful things without trashing the planet.

Steve Howard, who has worked for many years in the environmental field (The Climate Group, WWF, with the U.N., etc), is now trying to make a difference by working on the business side. In this talk that he gave at TED, he explains his vision for business and what he's been doing at IKEA.


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