Sterling Cooper declared the greenest office in America by the Environmental Policy Alliance

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The Environmental Policy Alliance, which operates the website LEEDexposed, has announced their selection of the greenest office in the United States. After looking at the Energy Use Intensity (EUI) they have determined that the original offices of the New York advertising firm Sterling Cooper had the lowest energy consumption per square foot of any office in America.

"It's the big private offices that all those men have, four hundred square feet and all they give them is a phone and a bottle of Canadian Club", says researcher Anastasia Swearingen.

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The Canadian Club tends to make them morose and depressed and they sit in the dark, further lowering the EUI.

Readers may remember that The Environmental Policy Alliance recently claimed that LEED certified buildings "actually use more energy than uncertified buildings," using Energy Use Intensity as their criterion. Some, like Scot Horst of the USGBC, protest that EUI is "only a very partial snapshot of what's happening", but the Environmental Policy Alliance is unfazed in their support of EUI as the gold standard of energy consumption.

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Swearingen points out how much energy the art department saves by using appropriate technology like paper and markers instead of computers and drawing programs. "The decision to ignore modern technology that might make work more efficient but clearly would increase the EUI is deserving of our praise."

Banks Woodruff, spokesman for LEED exposed, notes that many of the richest and most powerful movers and shakers in America are in fact the greenest people in the country. Woodruff, who until recently was listed in Linkedin as being "Current: Writer & Media Relations at Berman and Company; Past: Policy Analyst, Government Spending at Charles Koch Institute" (for some reason his Linkedin profile has been changed; we will report on this inconsistency as soon as we have information) reports:

My former boss, Charles Koch, is one of the richest men in America. Yet his five thousand square foot office has only one computer for him to read email on, and a few classic light fixtures. That gives him an EUI of about 3.

blofieldCharles Koch's office photos were unavailable, so we substitute those of Ernst Stavro Blofield/Screen capture

Since Koch has a longstanding business relationship with Woodruff, he was not eligible for the award as greenest office, Hence the choice of Sterling Cooper. But it clearly shows that the 1% and the 1/1000 of the 1% are doing their bit to save the environment by building themselves bigger offices and lowering their Energy Use Intensity. Bless them all.

Learn more about LEED Exposed on TreeHugger here.

Sterling Cooper declared the greenest office in America by the Environmental Policy Alliance
The ad firm's offices use low tech and appropriate technology to use less energy per square foot than almost any other office in America.

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