Stephen Colbert Takes on the Supreme Court, Mocks Toxic Waste Dumping Decision (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert took on the Supreme Court case that outraged environmentalists everywhere--you know, the one that ruled that toxic waste from a gold mine could be dumped in a lake, subsequently eradicating all life within. Colbert's take will most likely make you even more angry, but at least it's funny as hell.This entire Judge, Jury, and Executioner segment is funny, but he gets to the toxic dumping decision around 1:50:

That bit about filling the 51 ft deep lake with 50 ft of toxic material is especially maddening/hilarious. So what to take away from the sketch, besides outrage? The NRDC, which also posted a take on the clip, has this to offer:

Unless the Obama administration fixes the fraudulant 'fill rule' imposed by the Bush administration back in 2002, we might as well start calling the nation's premier environmental protection law the Clean Watered Down Act.
And hopefully fixes it before 4.5 million tons of toxic 'fill' are dumped into a pristine mountain lake.

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