Stephen Colbert Takes on Fracking


Photo: Screengrab from Comedy Central

It's sort of surprising that Stephen Colbert's caricature of a Foxy uber-conservative pundit has lasted this long -- he gets a remarkable amount of mileage out of his now-famous persona. Sure, his satiric character's participation in real-life politics has upped the stakes. But regular old bits like this remind us all why he's still going strong: I never have, and probably never will again, see such a comprehensive, hilarious takedown of fracking.


He takes it all on -- the flammable water, the struggle in New York to keep fracking banned (and the Governor's using his recently-earned goodwill in liberal circles for his role in the marriage equality passage to hedge against fallout from removal of the ban), the dangers of fracking, the recklessness of the companies involved in the practice, and, of course, the industry's cynical efforts to win the hearts and minds of kids by distributing a propaganda-laden coloring book.

Bravo, Mr. Colbert. I laughed my ass off -- and I can only imagine how much this made natural gas proponents squirm.

Thanks to @richardgraves for the tip.

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