Stephen Colbert: Global Warming is a Lie, Just Like Thermodynamics (Video)


Image: Screenshot, Comedy Central

Global warming is a hoax whipped up by the media -- and so are the very laws of thermodynamics. So sayeth Stephen Colbert, in this supremely amusing segment on the latest in brain-dead global warming denial:

So it looks like the government's in on the hoax, too: Just ask Rush Limbaugh, who points out that the so-called heat index is a government conspiracy to tell you how hot to feel. Rounding out the axis of evil are television programmers for kids shows, who are dousing children with 'propaganda' designed to serve as marching orders to get them to join the new green world order.

I chronicled both of these idiotic developments last week -- nice to see Colbert so expertly dismantle both. And if there's a silver lining, it's that, as evidenced by Rush Limbaugh and Steve Doocy, the nation's key spokesmen for climate denial are increasingly looking like either a) paranoid conspiracy theorists or b) blathering idiots. Small consolation, I suppose, but perhaps these are further signs that climate denial is again headed for the fringe ...

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