Step It Up Bloomington!

Well, the folks in Bloomington, Indiana, are just one sweet example of what people are doing across the country tomorrow as part of Step It Up 2007. On the odd chance you haven't heard yet, Step It Up is a nationwide series of events held tomorrow to raise awareness of global warming and convince congress to cut U.S. carbon emissions 80% by the year 2050! And in Bloomington, they'll be teaming up with the Bloomington Commission on Sustainability to give away 300 CFL's as an opening for their "Change A Light, Bloomington!" initiative on April 14th. All told they'll be putting 40k FREE CFL's into their community, and tying it into the Mayor's Agreement to cut Bloomington's carbon emissions 10% by 2012. So if you're in Bloomington tomorrow, make sure to Step It Up and show up to take a FREE light to stop global warming... And as someone who has taken on his own campaign with CFL's, I can tell you that 40K is A TON of free CFL's... So nice job Bloomington!

Please Note: I changed the photo due to an inadvertent mistake when I posted the original. That photo was apparently of a relatively famous piece of modern art located in Bloomington, Minneapolis. But as I recently mistook the giant statue of Balzac at MOMA for one of Chewbacca to the delight of those around me, I believe you can see that my limited experience with modern art probably led to my mistake... This photo is most definitely of Bloomington, Indiana. Enjoy. -k