Steger, Branson, Ekran Highlight Global Warming Crisis at Famed Explorers Club in NYC


When I recently attended a talk given by Will Steger, Sam Branson and Sigrid Ekran at the Explorers Club in NYC I was struck by the sense of calm and focus surrounding these folks who'll be heading out across the arctic ice in not too short a time to raise awareness of the effects global warming among schoolchildren across the planet. But as Sam Branson put it, their sense of mission is really led by a desire to ensure we don't wait "to win minds and find out it's too late to make a difference."He also pointed out that it's really an opportunity to help "bring people together to cross imaginary boundaries and imaginary lines." The reality of which is, indeed, that if we can't get people to do just that we'll never be able to solve the crisis at hand. But if all goes as expected they'll be doing more than their fair share to help bridge those boundaries, with millions of kids expected to follow their trek across Ellesmere Island via their daily dispatches from the ice.

When the focus of the discussion turned towards questions from the audience one individual asked the seemingly mundane question, "What we can do in our everyday lives to stop global warming?" But Steger pointed readily to the need for self-motivation, and the need for each of us to take the self-initiative and become socially engaged if we're going to successfully solve the problem.

Perhaps parents and teachers can start by following the journey with their kids and classes online. It's sure to be a terrific learning opportunity.

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