Steelcase Joins EPA Climate Program



is a big furniture manufacturer on the right track. Its environmental line (kudos for having such a thing) includes Pathways Architectural Solutions. Shown here is the Pathways Privacy Wall--all materials in Pathway (containing 25-30 percent recycled content) are easily disassembled and can be recycled at facilities throughout the U.S. Then there’s the Pathways Access Floor. Its hi-tech design allows for underfloor air distribution, which decreases energy use up to 30 percent over traditional methods. We’ve also previously mention the sustainable strides they have made with the Think chair.

Now, they have signed on to The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Climate Leaders Program. The Climate Leaders program is an industry-government partnership with big environmental ideas—they hope to develop long-term, comprehensive corporate climate change strategies. By participating in the program, Steelcase has pledged to continue reducing its corporate-wide greenhouse gas emissions. ::Steelcase ::EPA