Stargen Enzyme Maker Genencor Wins Award

Our readers sometimes ask us where they might look for a job that lets them make a positive difference. TreeHuggers just can't help themselves: we're understanding. That's why when comes a new product or service that seems to have that transformational quality, we might give it some mention. For example, Genencor International was recently selected by R&D; Magazine for its list of the Top 100 Technologically Significant Products for 2005. Genencor was listed for it's new STARGEN(TM) enzyme that reduces the number of steps and cost of producing ethanol. When a biotech firm dedicates resources to making renewable energy cost effective, its a hopeful sign that someone gets it. That Genencor also won an award as one of the best US workplaces, adds corroboration. "For example its commute program in the San Francisco Bay Area is frequently cited as one of the best in California and the U.S. for offering free train passes and cars and bicycles that can be used to run errands, etc. Back-up childcare services are provided when normal school or day care is not available for the day". More information below:There's also a new commercial detergent product offered by Genencor that's designed to reduce energy consumption. From the company's website: -- "In tests at Genencor and independent laboratories, the PURAFECT Prime shows improved soil removal at low temperatures ranging from 20°-40° C or 68°-104° F in typical European and North American wash conditions. This is key since an increasing number of consumers in Europe and North America are washing clothes at lower temperatures to maintain fabric quality and reduce energy consumption".

Seems Genencor is innovating nicely around environmental issues.

That's the sort of trail we'd like to more companies take a hike on.

Fair disclosure: I've no financial interest. But wish I did.