Staples Will Recycle Anything (for $10)


Today Staples launched its national "Computer and Office Technology Recycling Program." Thus becoming the first national store to offer everyday, in-store recycling of pretty much any sort of electronic equipment. Just bring in your computer, monitor, printer, fax machine, scanner, etc. and they'll recycle it "in accordance with environmental laws."

Of course, we haven't yet hit the golden moment...when a big box store will recycle a computer for free (or better yet, pay you for all of those nice expensive materials inside your old equipment). Staples will gladly accept your equipment as long as you give them $10. They will, however, recycle mice and keyboards for free. Frankly, it's worth $10 to me. I've got two broken down printers sitting in my basement, but I'll be darned if they ever see the inside of a trash bin.

We'd all be better off if the original manufacturer would take the equipment back, and a good number of them (Dell, Toshiba, Apple and others) do. But for equipment that has no other destiny besides leeching into our groundwater, Staples is the way to go.

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