Standing Up, Err... Walking For Your Principles


Marching from point A to point B to make a political point is not new. Great Salt March? Selma to Montgomery marches? Anyone?

What is new is walking to raise awareness about the need to fund alternative energy education in secondary schools. And that’s what’s happening right now somewhere between Armagh, Pennsylvania and Washington DC as members of the newly formed non-profit Principals For Change are braving the roads, trails and heat of the mid-Atlantic states all in an effort increase awareness of alternative energy.

The ultimate goal of this venture is to stimulate interest in and raise money for local Pennsylvania educators to implement green projects within their classrooms and in their communities. This aspect of the program is just beginning to grow through business and academic partnerships and expects to begin distributing grants in October 2008. In the meantime, the group will continue working on in-class work, such as producing biofuel in their high school lab and developing PFC GreenSpaces so educators across the nation can collaborate on Green projects.

You can follow Principals For Change’s progress towards DC on the PFC blog. If you’re in D.C. this Friday, June 13th at 12:30pm you can also show your support by joining our intrepid marchers at an ACORE-hosted rally at the Reflecting Pool.