Stand With & Sign 'The US Chamber of Commerce Doesn't Speak For Me'!

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Yesterday Bill McKibben wondered is money to most virulent source of pollution? When it comes to big polluters and the influencing US politics, yes, yes it is... And the US Chamber of Commerce is right near the top of the list. In an effort to really shine a spotlight on the difference between the Chamber and the people of the US launched a new campaign: The US Chamber Doesn't Speak For Me. Here's the declaration that they've released and encourage you to sign. You don't have to be a business owner to sign by the way. There's an "I'm interested in recruiting local businesses" box to check off too.

Washington DC may be the most polluted city of earth. It looks clean--white marble monuments, no skyscrapers, the beautiful green spread of the Mall. But its inhabitants' views are obscured by a different kind of pollution--money pollution. 

Money pollution, just like carbon dioxide, comes mostly from a few huge and dirty sources. Not coal-fired power plants, but lobby groups that recycle corporate contributions into political influence, threatening to block clean air safeguards and defund the EPA. The biggest "power plant" in downtown DC, blowing smoke in every direction is the US Chamber of Commerce.

Together, we'll show that the US Chamber is an industry front group, by standing with local businesses, local and state level chambers of commerce, and saying "The US Chamber Doesn't Speak for Me."

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