SSFtags: Total Awareness Guides

Thought we’d mentioned this, but seems not. The Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) have taken on one of the most contentious issues of the whole going green movement: eco-labelling. They call theirs a ‘SSFtag’ and it can be attached to a company, event, product, organization and so on. While claiming that the logo is ‘internationally recognised’ might be drawing a very long bow, we do commend them for the bravery of dipping their toe in these very murky waters. So just how do they rate or rank a company's level of sustainability? Well, each SSFtag will indicate up to a maximum of five asterisks. One asterisk requires the applicant to demonstrate one attribute from any of five different categories (Human Rights, Environment, Diversity, Governance and Community Involvement). To gain a five asterisk tag you’ll need to show adherence to over 50% of the attributes, in each of the five categories. (there are 4 to 9 attributes per category.) Sounds a bit complicated, but makes more sense when you see the little chart of the guidelines here. So far three enterprises appeared to have signed up to the process. There is a fee. ::Sustainable Style Tags