Spotlight on Two of Canada's Greenest Breweries

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A lot of people were excited to read about Magic Hat fueling the brewing process with fuel produced by its own waste, and a reader wrote in to share another brewery that has green merits also worth highlighting: British Columbia-based Driftwood Brewery, which recently launched a beer "brewed entirely with barley grown and malted on the Saanich Peninsula by artisan maltster Mike Doehnel—who the 100-Mile Diet folks met early on in their local food adventure and was already dreaming about making beer from entirely local ingredients.Mike supplied some of the first wheat for the 100-Mile Dieters, and has now allowed this locally-sourced "winter batch" to exist.

The reader also tipped us off to another brewery that's big on sourcing locally and organically: Crannóg Ales.

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Crannóg describes itself better than I can:

We brew unfiltered, unpasteurized ales using only organic ingredients, some of which come right from our own farm. All our ales reflect the Irish tradition of brewing full-flavoured, complex ales which are also great session beers.

Crannóg Ales is located on our own ten-acre farm in Sorrento, BC. The farm and brewery are fully integrated, with the brewery providing food for the livestock, and the farm providing hops for the brewery. The water for the brewery comes from a well in the middle of our farm, fed by springs on the farm as well as streams from the mountains which surround us.

A new standard for other breweries (that have access to nearby farmland) to strive for?

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