Southern Style Icelandic Chinese Polluted FDA Embargoed Catfish


Contaminated Chinese catfish are being fed to sons and daughters of the US South. This is sure to start the global trade fat burning in the run up to the coming US elections. Chinese seafood exporters are reported to have captured the market for 22 percent of all [US] imports, "because their fish are cheaper to raise...The fish are being raised, however, in a country whose waterways are an ongoing environmental problem, tainted by sewage, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants."

Those special traditional Chinese herbs and heavy metal spices give it a "kick." The malachite green biocide...molecular structure is pictured above, and explained below...makes for an appealing green fillet tint that works well on food TeeVee. Perfect for the corporate picnic on the lawn of an Antebellum period mansion as well as for a modestly priced wedding banquet.

"... Illegal substances like malachite green [4-[(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-phenyl-methyl]-N,N-dimethyl-aniline] keep showing up in Chinese seafood shipped to the United States, provoking a partial U.S. ban on such shipments last week...The Chinese government's own reports express alarm that many rivers in this region are so contaminated with heavy metals from industrial byproducts and pesticides, including DDT, that they are too dangerous to touch, much less raise fish in."

Apparently "traditional Chinese herbs" are being used to treat farm raised fish. Something FDA might well not be prepared to test for.

"Even the Chinese government's own reports are damning, describing how industrial and urban sewage forces farmers to use chemicals to keep the fish alive."

Icelandic USA, was reported to sell breaded Chinese cat fillets to food-service companies or distribute through its own retail brand as "Southern-Style Biscuit Battered Catfish Fillets" at grocery stores.

Lending new meaning to the terms "Icelandic" and of course to "Southern Style."

Via:: Washington Post

Image credit:: Wikipedia