Sonoco Packaging And Power Company Share Biomass-Fired Combined Heat & Power Plant

sonoco cardboard tube container project photo

Container made from Sonoco cardboard tube segment. Image credit:Art See.

This is as good as industrial ecology gets. On one shared site Hartsville SC gets Sonoco, a maker of high-recycled content cardboard packaging; a new biomass-fired power plant by Peregrine Energy; and, 30 new green jobs. Why is this green? Not only is the fuel not-coal, but Sonoco will be boosting its process efficiency with low-pressure steam from the power plant . Peregrine will build and own the 50-megawatt capacity facility that can power 14,000 homes.Via the Fort Mill Times, SC firm to build power plant inside Sonoco plant.
The power plant will burn limbs, stumps and other woody debris left behind from logging projects.

Peregrine Energy Corporation of Greenville says it will begin building the $135 million power plant inside the Sonoco plant in Hartsville as soon as it gets permits and hopes to have it running by 2012.

The full Sonoco press release is here. Per this source, Peregrine will indeed be deploying "best available" pollution control devices on the biomass burner.

When we read about 'transition towns' the focus is generally on farming, local food, green building, alternative energy, and a restored sense of community.

Where does an industrial economy fit with the transition town vision. This is a fine example.

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