Someone Winning the Lottery Doesn't Mean There's No Recession, So One Big Snowstorm . . . (Video)


Photo via 8media

. . . Doesn't mean there's no climate change. It took the media that still has a respect for science its sweet time, but now we're finally getting some decent rebuttals to the ridiculous notion that snowy weather somehow disproves climate change. And yes, here's another great video segment from MSNBC that does a good (if smug) job of explaining how unbelievably faulty this logic is.This segment sees MSNBC's Rachel Maddow interview Bill Nye, and does a good job of explaining the current extreme weather phenomenon.

Of course, if only because the facts are being presented by Rachel Maddow, this video segment is unlikely to change many minds. But it's still a good explanation--and it needs to be heard. Even a self-respecting climate denier wouldn't try to use snowfall as evidence that climate change isn't happening--it's just too stupid. The global climate cannot be measured, as Maddow points out, by how cold Sean Hannity feels in his Fox studio.

Other good videos that take on the recent ludicrous cold-outside-so-no-climate-change nonsense:

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