SolarCity makes residential contracts publicly available

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Transparency is good

SolarCity, the biggest solar installer in the U.S., has just created a blog. So far there's not much there, but their first post is an important one: They've decided to make their residential contracts publicly available. The company already had lots of info on their website, and you could always call them to ask for more details, but it's great to now have access to the actual contracts.

Hopefully this will reassure some people who were on the fence about it, and inspire competitors to adopt best practices and also open up their the details of their contracts so that it's easier for would-be customers to truly compare what they would be getting.

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If you're curious about the details of what kind of deal SolarCity offers, you can see for yourself:

-SolarCity Solar Lease sample contract (pdf)

-SolarCity Solar PPA sample contract (pdf)

They've also created an infographic: "because a contract is by nature a fairly dense document, we’re pairing it with a simpler, more friendly infographic: Top 5 Solar Contract Tips. Most solar contracts will have their own wrinkles, but these five things should be present in every contract, no matter what."

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Via SolarCity

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