Solar Smooths Energy Shortage After Fukushima Disaster

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From Toyota's 4.1MW solar array at a UK factory to a solar rooftop on a refrigerated warehouse in Baltimore, there are so many companies installing solar these days that it would be pointless to try and report on them all. So why then, is itnews that Japanese electronics giant Kyocera (which includes solar modules among its products) is increasing its solar rooftop array on one of its plants from 194kW to 230kW? It turns out the increase is a direct response to power outages and rationing caused by the Fukushima disaster:

With power supply shortages expected during the summer months due to the effects of the March 11 earthquake, the Japanese government has placed restrictions on electricity use to require high-volume users in the Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. and Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. service areas to reduce electricity consumption by 15% compared to last year. In response, Kyocera revised its installation schedule to prioritize this facility in order to achieve concrete energy conservation goals.

It's just one reminder among many that distributed solar power and other renewables are not just about clean energy, they're about resilience too.

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