Solar Powered Billboard Wins Prize


There is a prize for everything, so we should not be surprised that all the ad execs get to toodle off to Cannes for the Cannes Lions Outdoor Grand Prix, to chose the world's best billboard. First prize went to this solar powered billboard for NedBank in South Africa- The "power to the people" campaign literally does just that.

According to AdAge, What ultimately swayed the jury in the favor of the NedBank "Power to the People" work was that the solar power being collected by the billboard was helping to power several community buildings, including a schoolhouse. That the work made a difference in the community made all the difference to the jury. At a time when it is so common to have short-term promotions, that the "work that continues to work and continues providing" was key, said jury chair Jean-Remy Von Matt, founder-chairman, Jung Von Matt, Hamburg.

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