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No surprise that with the growth in interest in renewable energy applications, there is a growing demand for a trained workforce and thus a need for someone to offer training courses. This year, Solar Energy International (SEI), a leader in solar energy education courses, is experiencing a huge explosion in the number of people interested in taking classes. We have reported in the past how there is no longer a choice between the environment and economics and this is direct evidence of how using new, environmental technologies also means an expansion of new, environmental jobs.Solar Energy International (SEI), a leader in solar energy education courses for over 18 years, reports that they have seen a 14 percent increase in enrollment (roughly 300 students) just over the last year. Over 1,700 students have taken courses thus far in 2008 and some classes even have a wait-list because of the high demand.

SEI offers training in over 22 locations, including their eco-campus in Colorado. In addition, they have online courses available for folks in the US and those not in the US. They also offer training in related eco-courses like wind energy, strawbale home construction, women-only courses and renewable energy in the developing world.

Alternative Solar Training Options
Can't get into a SEI course? Why not check out your local community college for related courses, as more and more are offering extension courses in renewable energy topics, often taught by folks who work directly out the field. Also, a solid electrical theory or construction course is just as helpful as a photovoltaic training course, so consider beefing up related skills if you can't get into a PV course.

Personally, I can attest to the growth in interest in renewable energy work. Since writing the "Day (or Three) in the Life of a Solar Installer", over a year ago, I still get at least an email a week asking how to get started and skills needed.

While we're confessing, I should also note that I took a course from SEI several years ago and ended up working in the renewable energy field for several years. While its not necessary to take a training before starting a job in renewable energy, it certainly doesn't hurt.

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