Solar Heat Collecting Panels By IAUS & Lucite

International Automated Systems, Inc., IAUS , has announced that its "newly developed solar technology costs less now than the World Government's goal for solar power cost per kilowatt by the year 2020. IAUS's unique thin-film solar panels can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of today's photovoltaic solar panels. IAUS has successfully finished its first high-volume production run." Lucite International just signed a supply agreement with IAUS, indicating that the lens materials will be acrylic. For a description of acrylic sheet polymer properties look here. From the IAUS website:- "It operates on heat and produces heat as a byproduct. This energy can be stored using a chemical regeneration process held in a continuous cycle. This chemical, in turn, is then used to create steam when there is no sun. This unique added process costs significantly less than batteries; so much so, that it offers a reasonable answer to 24/7 solar power." Image credit:- IAUS

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