Solar Farm Opens in UK's "First Solar-Powered Town" (Video)

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Wadebridge, Cornwall has already hit headlines for its push for 30% renewables by 2015, and while a government review of subsidies for large-scale solar has put a spanner in the works for some of the larger projects planned, there is also good news. With solar prices in the UK tumbling, clean energy is an increasingly viable option for households and businesses alike. Here we see an update from Wadebridge as solar entrepreneur and former oil man Jeremy Leggett helps launch the town's first solar farm. Let's hope it's the first of many.

As Jeremy Leggett argues, the unifying, inspiring influence of solar should not be underestimated. While it is true that costs are currently higher than some fossil fuels, the price difference between solar and coal is narrowing fast. And given that there are many reasons why going solar is about much more than money, we could very well be close to some important tipping points in terms of the public imagination.

The 250kW is located at a holiday (vacation rental) park in Chapel Amble, providing visitors to the area with an important, symbolic first-hand demonstration of Wadebridge's efforts to go solar. With Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network's website also listing insulation and energy efficiency improvements at the town hall, and the launch of Britain's first solar powered laundrette, we really are seeing some promising signs of what can be done when a community unites around clean energy. True, it's not quite at the level of the German town that produces 3 times more clean energy than it uses, but it is an inspiring step in the right direction.

Stay tuned for a live chat with Solarcentury's Jeremy Leggett, featured in this video, and scheduled for the 13th of October.

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