Solar, Economics and the Business of Peak Oil: Join Solarcentury's Jeremy Leggett for Live Chat Thursday, 13th October at 10am EDT


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From developing the world's largest solar bridge currently under construction in London to founding a charity that's bringing solar to Africa, Jeremy Leggett—founder and has done more than most to promote a clean energy future. As a former oil geologist and Greenpeace campaigner, he's got some interesting perspectives on the broader challenges we face—and has helped build a powerful business lobby that includes Sir Richard Branson to speak out on the economic threat of peak oil. Join us this Thursday for a Live Chat as we explore the economic, environmental, cultural and political implications of embracing a clean energy future.

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With UK solar capacity growing 900% in just 18 months on the one hand, and major government cuts to large scale solar subsidies on the other, it's certainly interesting times for solar in particular and advocates for a clean energy future in general.

Join us for a Live Chat on Thursday the 13th of October at 10am EDT, 3pm GMT. We'll be talking to Jeremy about the specific clean energy projects he's helped develop; the potential for solar and other renewables to power the world; and what is needed for that to happen. Along the way we'll most likely be discussing his book The Solar Century, and we'll dive in to the subject of peak oil and economics; the proper role of Government in encouraging innovation; and what role communities and individuals can play in speeding up the next industrial revolution. As always, we'll be asking Jeremy lots of reader questions too.

To participate in the conversation, simply bookmark this page. The live chat will take place in the window above. Questions and comments can be shared in the chat taking place below the video.

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