Solar Coffee, Fuel Cell Bike and More at Eco-mile in Berlin


What would you most like to do today at the Eco-mile in Berlin? Learn T-Com's plans to set fuel cell powered bikes in service? See the Berlin Senate's design to promote commuting to World Cup Football (Soccer) games by bicycle? Or simply pause for a cup of solar-powered coffee? With only scattered showers quickly blown off by a stiff wind, visitors to the Eco-mile festival in Berlin could enjoy that and much more at their leisure. Your intrepid reporter tells all (with full size photos); just click to read on.


T-Com, the German Telecom giant, displayed this fuel cell powered motorbike to demonstrate their engagement in using their mobile services as a opportunity to promote alternative energy technologies and their environmental commitment. (We particularly like the handy storage spot for the large tub of candied popcorn for those hard working telecom service people.)


The Berlin Senate kicked off what promises to be a serious publicity campaign to let Berliners know about the bicycle parking places that will be set up for the FIFA World Cup Football (Soccer) Championship games in Berlin. Four large parking lots with security control will be situated near to the event locations and a fifth lot without security will neighbor the Kulturbraurei (Culture Brewery), a famous Berlin nightspot. At no cost, bicyclists can lock their bikes up to bike racks such as the one shown and will receive a check-ticket. And it gets even better: all bikes parked in the secured lots will be covered by insurance in case of theft or damage. So bikers can enjoy the games without a hint of concern for the condition of their ride! Score! And thanks to the Berlin Senate, both on behalf of Berlin bikers and the fans that will enjoy public transport less crowded due to the number of Berliners who navigate the many closed-off roads easily on their bicycles. If you are lucky enough to visit Berlin for a World Cup event, you could really get in the spirit: buy a foldable "Birdy" like the one in the rack in this photo, and you can pack it up an take it home with you after the games.


After cruising past the many exhibitions by nature parks, activist groups and technology leaders and stuffing yourself with bio-bratwurst or organically grown vegetarian dishes followed by organic ice cream, what could be nicer than a cup of hot coffee to put your digestion back in order for the trip home? At your service: the Solar Cafe. With a single large solar panel charging the electrical appliances, this go-anywhere coffee bar is really cooking.

In sum, if you weren't there you missed a jolly good time. Mark your calendar for next year.

Via: live from the Eco-mile in Berlin