Solar Cell Expo Opens In Tokyo

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On July 30-August 1 there will be an international exhibition showcasing state-of-the-art solar cell technology at Makuhari near Tokyo. Over 200 companies from 10 countries are taking part in the event promoting solar power generation. NHK notes that demand for solar cells has been on the rise worldwide since they do not produce any greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide when generating energy.

At the PV Japan Expo, visitors will see products on display including solar batteries made with crystalline silicon and thin film that can be used in windowpanes. Also on exhibit are solar cells made with materials such as copper and pigments that effectively absorb sunshine. Keynote speakers include Isao Yukawa, Charles Gay, Tadao Kazuno, and Stanley Myers.

This year, Germany's leading solar cell maker Q-Cells AG is displaying its latest products. Q-Cells AG became the world's leading producer of solar cells in 2007, surpassing Japan's Sharp Corporation. Q-Cell recently announced that they are stepping up its activities in Asia, with a new PV sales branch in Japan.PV Japan 2008 will be powered by the industry it supports – quite literally. 3,000 KWh of electricity used during the event will come from the PV Owner Network of Japan. Thus, the expo has been certified by the PV Owner Network and can proudly display the PV-Green Certificate of Green Electricity. They hope that other events and organizations will join them in using solar power to contribute to C02 reductions and wider adoption of solar photovoltaic technology.

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